What is love?


1. What is love? Love is a form of unity.

2. True lasting love is not about desire, it is about intention.

3. Love, based on desire, eventually dies, as any of our desires fade sooner or later.

4. What is true love? True love is love that never ends, is not damaged with lies, and is stronger than any temptations and adversities in its way.

5. It’s strange; for thousands of years people talk, sing, gossip and advise on love, but to look at the number of divorces, human love hasn’t become stronger, longer or more fulfilling. It looks as if the understanding of the phenomena of love is still missing.

6. Who said that love is simple? Whoever said it was probably someone who at that moment in time was in a perfect state of connection with others. I know only two situations when love is simple: first, during the honey moon phase of a marriage; second, when a person embraces the unbreakable attitude of love, which takes many years to master.

7. When we embrace love in every possible form, we see that nothing is more beautiful, contradictory, and complex. By the way, complicity of love makes it both exciting and challenging; it makes love unique for everyone who has ever experienced it.

8. What is the essence of love? The essence of love is unity. It doesn’t matter to what we refer our “I love.” It might be God, a person, literature, a cat, a steak for dinner, or soccer. The word “love” expresses our desire to unite with the subject of our “love” either spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically.

9. What is the meaning of love and why is the definition of love not simple? Love is one of several words that embraces so many different aspects that eventually people are confused about what true love is. No wonder that for centuries, many artists, writers and researchers have been dedicated to love volumes of novels, poetry, philosophical tractates, and psychological theses, to say nothing of endless discussions on how to get, rekindle or improve love relationships.

10. The key to eliminating confusions about what is love and what kind of love we are talking about is seeing love as a manifestation of the Law of Unity on different levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Thus, unity on physical level is sex; unity on emotional level is infatuation; unity on mental level might be collaboration in business or love to a certain disciplines like history or philosophy; and love on a spiritual level is a position of unity; when we embrace, with a holistic view of wisdom, all possible forms of existence.
11. Love is art and business the same time.

12. Lasting love is a daily experiment, work and self-growth.

13. True love doesn’t happen by itself, though from the first sight in might look this way.

14. True Love and true friendship start when two people have the desire to understand each other.

15. Infatuation and love differ: like an apple that has been eaten and its seeds thrown into soil and the abundant apple tree that grows from these seeds. Between the eaten apple and the first fruit of the growing tree, there is a long period of work, care, patience, hope and faith.

16. It is impossible to expect positive changes if you continue to hold onto your illusions. For instance, you would like to rekindle your sexual passion, but at the same time, you are not ready to share financial responsibilities with your spouse, whom you love. Don’t cheat on yourself. The lack of trust in a financial relationship squeezes the flow of energy between two people. Inevitably, it will be reflected in the physical aspect of the relationship. As time goes by, infatuation evaporates and sex becomes fake and boring.

17. Until you’re brave enough to share your true feelings with your companion or soul mate, you cannot develop a real love relationship, or a real connection with this person.

18. According to System Outlook any relationship is an exchange of energy.

19. The relationship of love is also an exchange of energy. To get the energy to circulate in the perfect way, partners are to be totally open with each other. No agenda, no fears, no unspoken expectations should stay between them in the way of the flowing energy.
20. Infatuation is not yet love, and usually it doesn’t last long.

21. Infatuation is like a loan of energy from the Divine Bank of Love. Sooner or later, if people just spend it instead of using for developing a bigger love, it is over.

22. It is impossible to stay in a true love relationship with only one foot; you need to jump in with both feet to keep it going.

23. It is a big temptation to know that we can terminate a love relationship at any moment. Why work on a relationship, if there is a chance to meet someone who is easier to deal with? The illusion that somewhere there is an “effort-free” love is the most dangerous poison that kills relationships.

24. If you lie or cheat on your partner, you will be the first one who loses the feeling of fulfillment, joy and satisfaction.

25. It might feel dangerous and it takes efforts to be open with each other. It means being unprotected and vulnerable. But without the openness, there is no other way to be truly connected and let the energy fill you to the brim with joy and love.

26. Openness is risky. Learn how to be open.

27. Open yourself softly, without blame or expectations. Be gentle and civil, especially if your feelings are not positive. Become a team with your companion to improve the situation. Remember to listen.

28. If to compare humans with live wires, then the feeling of love is pure energy that flows through our bodies in forms of emotions. When there are no clutches in the way of the flowing energy, like fears, for instance, we love and feel loved.

When we are afraid to be open; when we do not trust our partner to share our soul, we stop energy from freely flowing and filling us up. That’s why we never feel totally satisfied. We blame our companion for not being perfect for us. We look for someone better. But after a while, the same story repeats: we don’t share our real feelings, and we inevitably experience a lack of the energy that connects us with another partner in trust and love.

29. Logic is condensed love. It embraces everything in its unity.

30. There is no lasting excitement in an insecure relationship.

31. To make a marriage last it’s important to serve, not each other, but the relationship.

32. “Loving your enemies” is not about wanting to spend every waking moment with them. After all, it’s impossible to love your enemies when they make your life a living hell. Love of enemies is a conscious position of acception that is based on integrity and compassion: compassion toward their ignorance; and integrity as knowing that we all grow through our mistakes and we all connected.
33. Until enemies are united in Truth, which is the law of unity, total forgiveness is impossible.

34. What is infatuation? It’s a romantic prelude of love that generously promises a lot of bliss, and which often immediately evaporates at the sign of a first challenge. Don’t be in a hurry to call this love.

35. What is true love? True love is the unity of two people centered around Truth.

36. Why do we say that love is simple? Separate actions of love can be simple when they are taken out of context of the whole relationship. But a relationship of love is a living system that has its ups and downs, sunny summers and cold winters. It’s simple to enjoy good times, but it also takes a lot of work to go through periods of challenges.

37. Do you hope to find love that is like instant coffee and doesn’t require from you much but to push a button to boil water? Good news – it’s possible to find love like that. There are thousands of love movies that need only for you to push a button and turn on your TV.

38. What is unconditional love? Usually it’s a mother’s love that is dedicated to her children’s wellbeing and happiness and dies with the mother.

39. Love doesn’t excuse a lack of respectful and civil communication. Without it, love dies.