What is God? Quotes About God


Are you asking "What is God?" and looking to understand the essence of God? You are at the right place. Here you will get the ultimate system to finally understand  it.

Understanding is the beginning of everything. It's important not to confuse understanding of God with personal experiences of His divine presence. God as our Creator has always been available to those who wanted to personally know Him. But logical understanding of God is different.

Why logical understanding of God has become possible only now? Firstly, because human's mentality has only recently developed the culture of abstract thinking due to advance scientific development. Secondly, new system and information sciences have brought a unique approach that allows seeing such grandiose ideas like God, Truth, or universe as informational systems.

According to this approach the essence of God is… Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity that at the level of feelings we perceive as Love.

Many people get used to think about God as the feeling of love. However, God is much more. More than any of our feelings.

God is the ultimate Law of Love. When we are in alignment with this Law, we love, we feel love towards others and world around us. We are simply happy! When we are not in alignment with it, then instead of love we experience fears, loneness, despair, boredom…

Sounds simple, though to understand the logic of love and to learn how to follow the Law of Unity and Love, takes all our life.

Contemplate this wisdom and read the book to fully embrace the deepest divine mystery that was given to people through centuries by spiritual teachers and which is finally revealed in a simple form of a modern system.

Quotations to contemplate:

1. To understand God and to be connected with God are two different things. Understanding is obtained through logic; connection – through experience.

2. To talk to God, to feel his presence does not require any specific understanding, only a belief that God is. And to have this belief you need only to accept one simple logical suggestion: That such a magnificent world could not be possible without God as its Creator.

3. What is God? System Outlook states that God is absolute Logic or the Law of Unity that manifests itself as a totality of a System Matrix and that distributes energy between all possible systems within System Matrix. At the level of feelings we perceive the Law of Unity as Absolute Love.

4. To say that God is only Logic, or only Love, or Absolute, or the Law would not be enough. It’s better to say that God is Absolute Law of Love, and laws are always logical.

5. How would it be impossible to prove something that really exists? It is non-sense. If God really exists there must be a way to prove it, and it’s ok if this way has not yet been discovered.

6. If there is a chance that God really exists, then it makes sense to explore who God is until we die. Just imagine how it would be to stand before his face mumbling something about not being quite sure if He actually “is.”

How would you handle His natural question in response: “Why you didn’t look to understand if it is true?”

Whatever the answer, it will have a hidden lie in it. Our greedy-for-pleasures nature is the true reason that keeps us from searching out God. Because deep inside we know that to find God would mean changing our present habits and life and transforming our personal crap, where our inner cheating and duplicity will no longer work.

7. To talk about God, to understand God, to worship God is still not the same as experiencing God through personal love and dedication to Him.

8. What is God? Whatever we believe God is, probably we all are sane and humble enough to suggest that God is more than our interpretations and beliefs of Him. It’s simply common sense, and here we all can be on the same page.

9. Primitive people barely had any concepts of what God is, or on the laws of nature, however the logic of their existence brought these people to realization that they were not alone in this world, that there was a Higher power, which affected their well-being and that they would come to depend on this Power forever.

10. Children at a very young age barely question their parents’ words. They open-heartedly believe whatever they are told. However when they reach the teenage years they start doubting everything – parents’ suggestions, rules, ideals. They are getting sensitized for truth and any mismatch between preaching and actual realities of human behavior.

The same with humankind: centuries ago people were at the early stage of development. They were immature and unable to think independently, like children who needed guidance, and consequently, did not question authorities. Besides this, people were offered only one interpretation of what God is within a framework of their cultural tradition. The lack of other opinions isolated people from doubts and hesitations.

The 21st century with informational overabundance, decent average education and a lot of contradictory opinions available to everyone, moved the society to a “like-teenage” stage of development where people compelled to question everything and renew their search to find the answers to the questions like, what is the truth, or what is God in order to logically connect different pieces of information, and finally, to define what is right and what is wrong.

The need to get logical understanding of what is what is vital and critical today, because without a clear structure of their existence people are confused, stressed out and overwhelmed with uncertainty caused by contradictory information.

11. It’s wrong to suggest that we cannot understand what God is. If somehow, for thousands of years, humanity has dealt with God one or another way, it means that people understood and explained God, anyhow. It doesn’t matter if those ways do not look quite adequate from a position, for instance, of modern science.

12. Doesn’t it feel slightly uncomfortable to honestly answer for yourself the questions like: “Is God, for me, more important than whatever I believe and know about Him?” Such questions help us to get rid of our rightness, self-importance and habitual interpretations.
13. Until we want to understand those whom we love, including God, we don’t love yet.

14. Science offers ways and devices to explore, measure and interpret the surrounding reality that is true for us because we can sense it. If to look at our reality as physical manifestations of God, certainly, it can be measured or described by mathematical formulas. But, God, Itself, is always far more than science or religions can tell us about Him.

15. Would you agree with Mahatma Gandhi that there is no God higher than Truth? I would. As well, I would add that Truth about God is above all our interpretations of Him.

16. Multiple interpretations of God are like multicolored facets of a diamond. Each of them shines reflecting the light on one surface of the diamond, and all of them reveal the whole diamond in its completeness and greatness.

17. Imagine the father of a big family of ten children ranging from two to twenty years of age. Would the father be more than each of his kids knows of him, or understands him, or experiences him? Sure. Don’t we stand before God the same way kids stand before their father, fighting who knows or loves Him more? Maybe it’s time to be more mature?

18. We can understand what God is through comprehending the principles that operate our reality, but there is no way that we can experience everything that God experiences through each of his creations.

19. We live in a new age of unity when Internet has made religious wars senseless. Recently I heard that today we have more than 30,000 religious denominations that interpret what is God and who is Christ in their own ways, not counting other world religions and various spiritual teachings, which talk about God from their perspectives.

What is right? Who cares… the reality itself gives us bold insight that God is something more than the thousands of our interpretations; God is something more than what we think. God is something ultimate.

What would be more ultimate for all of us but Logic? All our interpretations are based on logic because nothing but Logic unites those pieces of information that we consider meaningful, into ideas. Different sets of information create different stories. But real God is behind of all of them. God is like a daddy who is playing eternal pick-a-boo with his kids.

20. When it comes to our feelings or horrible things happening in the world, it is very difficult to extract logic out of them until we can see the whole picture in its totality and interconnection with our perception. Without such vision people often have to question where God is and whether he cares of this world or not.

21. When people suggest that God is a mathematical formula, intuitively, they are right. It is evident that precision is a natural quality of any creation that makes sense; as well as any creation complies with mathematical laws that govern our physical reality.

Mathematical logic describes God as a totality of absolute dualities using the initial simplest formula 1=A + notA. It can be interpreted as “God is a totality of everything that is and everything that is not.” As an example, we can talk about the unity of visible outer world and invisible inner world.

22. Every serious spiritual or religious tradition possesses at least one true piece of a puzzle called “God.” System Outlook unites these pieces into one picture and God reveals Himself as an Absolute Logic or the Absolute law of Unity and Love.

23. For centuries many enlightened people admired the logic of nature, which confirmed the presence of divine wisdom. When they looked at the human world it was filled to the brim with suffering, pain and injustice.

To distinguish divine logic in such chaos was quite difficult. To logically adjust the difficulties and miseries in human life to the perfection of divine presence, people needed concepts that could explain their sufferings through ideas of karma, the devil, punishment, original sin, redemption and so on.

Today, when all information is available online and science has taken an amazing inventory of various disciplines and laws that describe physical reality, it is easy to unite everything in one neutral concept so as to clearly see that divine logic exists everywhere, even in the diversity of human life.

24. Human conscious is the divine indicator that guards the purity of our soul, which is the synonym to the purity of our intention. From this perspective, personal sincere repentance is the mechanism of purifying the soul and re-connecting with God.

25. Orthodox saints and enlightened monks warned that in the last days people have to be mentally “sober” to distinguish the truth from a lot of half truths and half lies. They didn’t have the word “information,” though they predicted overall confusion and the loss of God.

26. Every spiritual tradition has something beautiful to bring to the world. As a wise and kind father, God could not give everything to only one child. It would be unfair and unbalanced. Nations are like people, some of them older, some of them younger, but none of them is a superior to the others, and each has precious spiritual experiences to share with the world.

27. We've all heard the expression that man is made in the likeness of God. System Outlook believes that as an informational system a human being really is the likeness of God or System Matrix.

People, like all systems, have souls, whose nucleus is connected to the nucleus of the Matrix. A man is a complex system, who consists of a world of elements-subsystems that are harmoniously integrated and perform different functions.

28. No one can question or judge anyone’s personal relationship with God. Who loves or understand God more? Why is it important? Who needs to compare love?… It’s not our business; it’s God’s business. The point is to keep this personal relationship with God honest and sincere.

29. Actually, our need for understanding of everything is our deep hidden need for God’s presence in our life as understanding brings clarity, which frees us from confusion and fears.

30. If we are likeness of God, how can we understand God before we understand ourselves?