Today, our planet, as a united global community, faces serious crises in ecology, economy, and politics. At the same time there are millions of people suffering from epidemics of personal crises such as depression, addictions, divorces, suicides, etc. According to System Outlook the root of these problems is a deeply hidden spiritual disconnection from God as a Law, structure, and holistic perception of human life.

The goal of System Outlook as a new paradigm of Logic, Unity and Love, is to help people re-connect with God as Absolute Logic and the Law of Love through understanding the basic universal principles that constitute our life and perception, and define what Truth is, what we are, and what we live for.

System Outlook, as a last conceptual level of spiritual unity, uniquely stands among philosophy, spirituality, psychology, logic and system disciplines. Statements like: “God is Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity that at the level of feelings we perceive as love,” define the non-controversial nature of System Outlook and help to embrace any existing knowledge and opinions without making anyone wrong.

The first book of System Outlook, which describes the concept, is already here in two languages English and Russian. Your support and donations toward sharing System Outlook as a new approach to understanding, love and independent thinking could help tremendously in making positive changes in the lives and relationships of millions of people.

Whatever I do now sharing the knowledge of System Outlook with people, is the first time for me. I am still in the process of learning English, publishing, marketing, blogging, etc. So, I would appreciate any type of your support, or feedback, or advice.
The collected funds will help in the following ways:

Stage 1:

Printing of Book 1”System Outlook- description of a concept” in a physical form soft and hard cover in both English and Russian languages independently from online printing.
Developing and supporting an online presence of System Outlook
Creating new audio and video products related to System Outlook;
Marketing of System Outlook and its products;
Delivering presentations, seminars, workshops, etc.

Stage 2:

Writing and publishing two more independent books that use the concept of System Outlook to answer, in a simple way, the complex spiritual and relationship questions. When compared to book one, which is for those who enjoy intellectual contemplation, books two and three are oriented toward a wider audience.

Book 2 “Understanding God or how to answer the Big Questions” is about the essence of spirituality: or how the system laws were encoded in ancient religious and spiritual teachings of Christ, Buddha, and other enlightened teachers. This book is for those who wants to understand what is God and sometimes find various spiritual messages to be controversial and confusing

Book 3 “Understanding Love” helps the reader understand why hundreds of millions people over the world today, face deep crises of marital and love relationships. The book reveals the spiritual mystery of marriage, as well as, the lethal power of common illusions, which overshadow the initial laws that create life-lasting love, as well as, successful businesses, or good health.

Stage 3:

In my long-term vision, I have a documentary movie that is based on the trilogy of System Outlook bringing to the world in a popular form, the powerful key of the understanding of everything.

Stage 4:

Later, I see System Outlook as an international fund, a non-profit organization, uniting all who are fascinated with ideas of unity, love and common sense; those who dare to dream about a new world and who want to contribute to the creation of a future reality, magnificent in its kindness and beauty.

The mission of System Outlook is to teach independent thinking and promote principles of universal wisdom in order to help peace, religious reconciliation and understanding between people of different views, genders, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Why your support is important:

Understanding is the beginning of everything: love, integrity, success, true fulfillment, and conflict-free relationships. Your contribution is very important to help this new perception of Unity and Love become a reality. Whatever you can pledge counts. Even if you are unable to contribute financially now please help spread the word about System Outlook.
You can help in the following ways:

Email links related to System Outlook to your friends and ask them to support System Outlook;

Join System Outlook on and “like” System Outlook on;

Participate in our blog at

Sharing this new vision is very important, because there is no field where the neutral concept of System Outlook is not applicable. I dream about a big team of people who really care for our Earth and our children, who care about the future of loving families where fulfilling relationships and love never fade away.

It’s time when everyone’s help, participation and each tiny effort counts.

Together we can help our so- tightly-united human community during these challenging times.

Thank you so much for your caring and generosity!

You can pledge with PayPal or credit cards. 

As I was told,  donations are not tax deductible as System Outlook is not yet a non-profit organization.

Thank you again from all my heart!

Elena Iam