Jun 132013

Where do we come from     The question “where do we come from” has puzzled the imaginations of many people from children to religious and scientific experts as long   as humanity has existed. It triggers one into thinking about the origin of human beings, life and even the universe itself.

In this regard, the common layperson asks if we do indeed come from the mighty hands of one or many gods as folklores, legends and some Holy Scriptures suggest, or should we search for the answer within the unbiased boundaries of science, which operates on facts and concepts?

It is no wonder that those who are more educated tend to move away from the mystic realms of spirituality by drawing answers based on purely scientific evidences and theories.

More than one hundred years ago Darwin’s Theory of Evolution caused scientists to take a closer look and embrace ideas that link mankind’s origins to apes.

Scientific fiction, recent discoveries of outer space exploration, as well as, the development of the movie industry have made popular the ideas of unlimited possibilities of life in the universe. In this light, theories that propose extraterrestrials as our initial ancestors might look logical from the first sight when we try to detect the true answer to the question where did we come from; however, these hypotheses don’t have many facts to support them.

In response to religion’s postulate that humans as well as the whole world were God’s creation, science offers the most extreme opposite suggestion: that our universe as well as humankind and each of us, are originated for no reason through the randomness of the evolutionary process that lasts for billions of years. The lack of materialistic evidence that would clearly reveal the true answer to our origins, brought some scientists to the idea of randomness of everything, which contradicts simple common sense the moment we look around and see how everything is perfectly organized and interconnected in the nature – from elementary particles and viruses to biological beings and numerous galaxies.

Maybe, it is simply not relevant to look for proofs only in the physical reality, when we try to understand where do we come from? Why not simply apply logic to complex questions, as we do in geometry, for instance? A couple of common facts about ourselves show that the true answers might be found with the help of logic instead of hopelessly searching for them among materialistic facts.

When we contemplate, we see that as humans we are not just the biological creatures that we used to perceive ourselves to be. First, we come to life from the invisible non-physical reality and after death we return there. Second, as human systems, we are far more complicated than just our biological bodies.

Inside we have a whole range of non-physical “sub-ammunition” or “stuffing” like thoughts, feelings, desires and instincts that move us through our life and are absolutely invisible and often not easy detectable or describable even for ourselves.

The realization of where do we come from becomes possible when we look at our existence as a whole system, without separating the visible physical life of our body from the invisible life of our inner world with our thoughts, feelings and motivations.

System Outlook is that new concept that unites religious and scientific world views and offers an original approach of understanding what is universe, what we are and, consequently, where do we come from.

System Outlook is based on a system-informational approach and describes any processes in our inner and outer world using only the four neutral notions of energy, systems, information and mathematical logic. Similar to various mathematical and system disciplines, System Outlook doesn’t work with factual proofs. Instead, it operates with logic and principles. The statement that there is nothing in our world but systems or energy, allows System Outlook to see any materialistic and non-physical phenomena as similar systems, which stay in perpetual interconnection with each other and  are operated by the same universal laws.

System Outlook views our universe as a System Matrix, which is the Absolute totality of perfectly organized systems. A graphical model for System Matrix is similar to a model of any system, for instance, our planet or a star – it’s a round sphere that has a nucleus as its center.

The Matrix sphere is filled with an endless number of sub-systems, which as elements of Matrix are individually connected to the nucleus of Matrix. All sub-systems perform specific functions and stay in a constant inter-exchange of energy with each other.

All systems are involved into eternal process of evolution. Their nuclei, or “souls,” endlessly change form, accumulating awareness and moving through different frequencies of Matrix towards its center.

System Outlook confirms the ancient concept of reincarnation that reflects the ultimate process of the eternal evolution of our souls.

From the vantage point of System Outlook, it is getting possible to answer the question where do we come from in a harmonious alignment with other existing spiritual concepts. With every birth we come to physical reality from different frequencies of Matrix to earn, during our lifetime, some amount of awareness, which is conscious energy of Logic. Due to this awareness souls move to a higher frequency of the Matrix in order to be born again in a new form with new physical circumstances that precisely reflect the spiritual luggage of our soul.

The concept of System Outlook reveals metaphysical mysteries of the essence of life and God in a neutral modern form. It answers in a non-controversial manner what is the soul and what is the meaning of life. System Outlook also helps to understand how various religious and spiritual teachings reflect the magnificence of God from different perspectives.