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Speaking on Science and Religion

Would you like to bring to your audience genuinely new, insightful, and non-recycled ideas about coexistence between science and religion? Or, maybe, your folks are interested to explore what we are, or what God is from a perspective of a new interdisciplinary platform of System Outlook?

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System Outlook concept is based on a theory of information systems. It brings unique brand new approach that allows uniting science and religion and understanding the system-information structure of perception and reality. Ideas of System Outlook are applicable to any area of life: from science and religion to business and individual life.

To better serve the specifics of your audience, we can customize the topic of presentations to your group’s needs, as well as, adjust the time format ranging from one hour talk to several days workshop.

Topics of presentation and what your audience will learn:

  1. Can Science and Religion coexist? Yes!

It is the most popular topic. What is the real conflict that fuels so many debates regarding God and science? What makes people to leave their denominations? What is in common between atheism and fundamentalism?  Is there a way to religious reconciliation?  How do we create our beliefs?  We address all these questions in this original interactive talk.

  1. Endless Faces of God: Conceptual Possibility of Religious Reconciliation 

Is religious reconciliation possible? Yes, it is possible when we understand the principles of human perception and what makes us believe into different interpretations of one universal Truth, called God. What is the essence of God? Why people miss it? Why, instead are they trapped in arguing about their beliefs? How having an understanding of God differs from knowing God personally?

  1. Really, What we are?

Do you know that we are psycho-biological information systems? What are our biggest fears and biggest instincts, and what is the main function of every human system?

As system-information approach is applicable to ANY existing ideas from quantum theories to our personal feelings or beliefs, your are welcome to decide what would you like to discuss.

Other possible topics for debates or discussions:

Can we invent a meaning of life?

Illusions of love and apocalypse of marriage;

Is love illogical?

God vs. Religion;

Kindness of God vs. Human suffering;

Scientific perspective on the essence of God; etc.

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