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This book is for those who enjoy thinking and contemplation, who lost God by being confused by religious or other interpretations, who are open-minded enough to look at familiar things from a new vantage point of common sense and logic.

This book contains concentrated wisdom in the form of a complete system. It’s not a onetime read. Every time you come back to this book, you will discover new insights on questions that have been waiting for answers for many years. “System Outlook” brings a new opening in a spiritual quest for understanding what to live for, what is the essence of God, what is the Truth, and what is the meaning of life.

Attention: there is no return policy for the book, please preview the book before buying. It’s important to us for you to like “System Outlook” and benefit from its wisdom for years. You can find free chapters of the book in English or in Russian languages in the main menu “Free chapters.”