What is the meaning of life?


1. What is the meaning of life? If to simplify to one word, the meaning of life is about accumulating wisdom, or understanding how to create harmony out of what is.     

2. What is life? Life, as we know it, is a magical phenomenon that is the result of our perception.

3. What is life but a system? It’s often defined as a journey, school, game, adventure. According to System Outlook the most accurate definition of life would be “educational game.” Why? Because what we actually do through years of our existence – we accumulate logical understanding about how things operate in this world, as well as, the ability to harmoniously accept what is.

4. The game of life, as every game, has its rules. But in the game of life these rules are not evident. The process of discovery of the rules that operate our reality, actually, is an important part of the game and we call it spiritual journey.

5. During thousands of years, spiritual messengers delivered to humanity information about God as supreme ultimate Law of Unity and Love in various forms.

6. There is a lot of confusion regarding what is the meaning of life. System Outlook considers the meaning of life as an impersonal thing. From system prospective the meaning of life is the same for all living systems. This is just like the “meaning of life,” or function, of all cars is transportation, and all houses – to be a shelter. As a system, any human life has a function (or main goal) of accumulating awareness, which is the result of self-transformation and inner growing. However, the ways in which humans accumulate awareness during their life time are very personal.

7. We cannot even imagine how perceptions and experiences of two people could differ even if they live in one room for their whole life.

8. What is life around us now? It’s not really easy to comprehend but what we see at the current moment is actually an instant reflection of a reality that is generated by our memory and our mind.

9. At early stages of human development the informational content of human memory was very limited. That’s why people perceived the Earth as a flat surface. Due to growing science, new information and making new logical connections, humans radically changed their perception. From that point people started perceiving the Earth as a round planet with gravity and other physical laws. Today humankind is ready for a new leap – to perceive our universe as a System Matrix.

10. What we are? We are also systems. And as human systems we live at several levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, where our physical life is a manifestation of our worldview, thoughts and emotions.

11. Answering the question what is life, we can look at it as a set of all possible goals, from the immediate and instinctive that can be achieved by one person, to global purposes that stand before a whole society and require many years to be manifested.

12. According to System Outlook the meaning of life is dual because we live in a dual reality that is characterized by the simultaneous presence and absence of time. In this context we can identify the meaning of life as a set of only two system goals, which are the same for all systems: consumption of energy and accumulating awareness.

Since systems receive energy only at a given time, the primary purpose of any human system is consumption of energy (in forms of air, water, food, impressions, emotions) at that current moment to maintain its existence.

From the perspective of evolution, the life of a system is a process of accumulation of changes on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  The second system goal is the accumulation of the changes on its spiritual level in the form of awareness during life of a system.

13. What is the meaning of life and what is destiny? If the meaning of life is accumulating awareness, and it’s the same for all systems, then destiny is individual for every human being. It’s the unique way of personal existence, through which people accumulate awareness.

14. What is the meaning of life from the perspective of a creator of a system? It is the “function” of a system that is predetermined by its Creator. For instance, people as creators of such systems like cars, trucks or buses, predetermine their goal, or function, which is transportation, and which can be considered their “meaning of life.”

The function of human life or its meaning is predetermined by God. And it is accumulating awareness. Throughout our lives, we do accumulate awareness as understanding, regardless of whether or not we actually know about it.

15. Until ethical laws become voluntarily chosen by each human, we have to establish community laws that guard our lives and property as accumulated personal energy.

16. There is no life without a law. When people have to protect their life, family and possessions the first law they naturally establish is the law of physical power and protection.

17. The life of a separate person or the whole humankind is evolution of unity and love, or the eternal process of accumulating awareness.

18. As a system, every life has a beginning and an end. A soul simply makes a number of logical choices to make a way from the start to finish.

19. Just like every game, life makes sense from one point and no sense from other perspective. It’s the reason why we need a whole picture or the manual for any game – to avoid hesitations on what is right and what is wrong.

20. What is destiny? Destiny is a unique predetermined way of life that is optimal for a certain person, in the sense that it would allow this person to earn maximum satisfaction and awareness.