How to be wise – Quotes about wisdom


1. How to be wise? Firstly, you have to want to be wise and let wisdom be your overall passion.

2. If to define what stupidity is, it would be inability to obtain wisdom.

3. The way to wisdom is to search for understanding not just for information.

4. It’s impossible to be wise without having a holistic perspective and open mind.

5. Building life on current desires and emotions is the way to nowhere. It is the diametrical opposite of wisdom.

6.To be wise means to see the optimal solutions, which are usually not easy to discern, and to perform optimal actions, which are often not friendly to our comforts, emotions and desires.

7. What does it mean to be wise? It means to have understanding of the laws of life and to live in alignment with them.

8. I admire everyone who ever thought about how to be wise. The best and the most rewarding journey starts with the thought and intention to become a student of wisdom.

9. As a holistic non-controversial description of reality, System Outlook is a system of concentrated wisdom.

10. To be wise doesn’t mean to be knowledgeable. To be wise means to understand which knowledge affects your happiness and which doesn’t. A wise person is like a farmer who knows the difference between a seed or grain and its husk.

11. When we set a goal to be wise, we start intentionally to be more observant to our inner world with its feelings, emotions and thoughts. We start to question the core of our motivations, revealing step-by-step the logical laws that rule our actions, perception and reality.

12. What does it mean to be wise? It means to live in clarity instead of confusion. It means to be deeply connected with the Logic of Life or God.

13. The definition of wisdom can vary, though it is always related to having a deep understanding of laws that govern our life, perception and universe.

14. What is wisdom? Wisdom is a manual to living a fulfilled life.

15. Wisdom is a perception of integrity, when you know, feel and act in alignment with God as the supreme Law of Unity and Love.

16. Wisdom cannot be partial or controversial. If it’s so, it’s not yet wisdom.

17. Manipulation might look like wisdom, though its real goals are very different. Wisdom grows from inner integrity; and it always serves to bring harmony for all. In turn, the roots of manipulation are the narrow and greedy mind, which intentionally uses others in order to reach its own goals.

18. Age and wisdom are not synonyms.19. It’s not a coincidence that people usually get wiser with age. Until people are full of physical strength, beauty and physical desires they tend to focus on getting as much physical pleasures as possible: food, sex, entertainment, money… The search for wisdom often starts with aging when life shrinks the human ability to enjoy the physicality of life pushing people to look for alternative ways to get good feelings.

20. Inner growth is the process of obtaining wisdom.

21. If you ask yourself how do I get wisdom, the answer is “intentionally.” Obtaining wisdom is a way, not a series of random events.

22. If the question “how can I get wisdom” is on your mind, start your quest for understanding God.

23. Smart people are still looking for fulfillment in their life, wise people have it.

24. A smart mind is like a tight rose bud, which one day matures to a full fragrant blossom of wisdom.

25. Those who are smart can have a lot of knowledge and can apply it either for good or ill. Those who are wise don’t need extensive knowledge and they are “enough” with it, as their wisdom keeps the reality of their world in harmony.

26. Those who are really smart have the chance, one day, to be wise.

27. The question how to be wise is the same as the question “How to get the map of this life.”

28. Wisdom is a natural consequence of integrity.

29. Wisdom is not something theoretical. From the perspective of System Outlook, wisdom as system knowledge answers the “how to” questions. When we wonder “how to be wise,” we actually seek for understanding that we can apply to our daily life. It’s similar to the desire to drive a car. Before we can do it safely we have to understand the traffic laws and how to operate the automobile.

30. Alas, our education gives us everything except the most important thing, which is wisdom.

31. Is it possible to buy wisdom? No. It’s possible to buy books on wisdom. But to make wise decisions is a different story. It’s a practical aspect.

32. What is wisdom? Wisdom is both: theoretical as well as practical and experiential. It’s like cooking. To be a good chef requires a deep understanding the rules of cooking and a lot of practice.

33. We always act from our understanding of reality. When our understanding reflects reality in a distortive way, we make wrong decisions. To be wise or to have wisdom means to make optimal decisions based on an adequate understanding of reality.

34. Can we teach others to be wise? Yes, we can teach, but we cannot force others make wise decisions.

35. The true motivation for good actions lies in wisdom.

36. Wisdom is the mother of sincerity and pure intentions.

37. How to be wise means to know what is right and what is wrong.

38. According to System Outlook to know what is right and what is wrong is possible only within the boundaries of a certain system. The logic, or the law of a certain system, defines what is right and what is wrong for that system.

39. The question “How to be wise” within the system of automobile roads has a very simple answer: just know and obey the traffic laws in order to be safe and have enjoyable journey.

40. When we want to be wise in order to distinguish what is right and what is wrong , we are actually trying to understand how to be in alignment with the laws that govern our life.

41. Is true wisdom deeper than interpretations of any spiritual system? Yes, because true wisdom is free from boundaries and restrictions that naturally define any system including religious beliefs.

42. So, what is wisdom? Wisdom is a deep understanding of the laws of life and complying with them.

43. There is no wisdom without honesty.

44. Getting wisdom is impossible through a theoretical study. Wisdom is far beyond any theory. It’s a practical way of living every moment of life.

45. Is there a measure for wisdom? Yes. If one day you notice that you are not annoyed anymore with things or with people who recently drove you nuts, you have probably obtained some amount of wisdom.

46. The moment you feel deep sincere compassion for those who took advantage of you in any way, you have practically learned what wisdom is about.

47. What would be the best gift of wisdom we could give to our children? Our own life, our choices, our attitude, our own wisdom.

48. The most rewarding treasure hunt ever is a hunt for treasures of wisdom.

49. Is there anything more valuable and secure to have than treasures of wisdom? No. Wisdom is the only treasure that cannot be taken away, and which will never be less no matter how much we share it with others.

50. True abundance starts with obtaining wisdom.

51. What is wisdom? It’s not a feeling. It’s a developed attitude of integrity.