Feb 272013

      Ambiguous questions such as “what to live for”  or wondering “what is my purpose” often arise at darker times in our lives.  Although we typically seek answers to such perplexing questions when we’re filled with pain, disappointment, or even boredom, the answers are relatable to anyone regardless of their current emotions or situation. 

      According to the System Outlook the answers to these profound questions about what to live for are surprisingly simple. In the system reality of our Universe we, as alive systems, constantly consume energy in forms of air, food, emotions, and


information. When we have enough energy, we feel healthy, happy and secure. When we experience shortage of it we are stressed out, sick or have to face any kind of problems.


From this perspective, to obtain energy or to get what we want without having later any regrets or repercussions, we need to know how to do it the right way. The knowledge about it is called wisdom.

Obtaining wisdom is the answer to the question “what to live for”, because wisdom is the true key to a sense of fulfillment. Wisdom is a practical knowledge how to obtain energy the secure way and how to successfully go through any challenges.

Wisdom can be defined as a deep understanding of the laws of life. 

You don’t likely remember childhood games such as stacking rings as a baby, yet most anyone has a clear mental image of a baby sitting on the floor attempting to stack colorful rings on a wooden stick.  In all actuality, the game of life is not much different than this simple childhood pastime.  Each colored ring is symbolic of different relationships, businesses, religions, feelings, and ideas that shape our lives. 

The vertical stick on which these values, beliefs and events are all stacked upon and centered around is the “wisdom” – or the knowledge that is able to keep all rings held properly in their order.  Although it would still be possible to stack the rings without this stick, it would be impossible to move the completed project anywhere without it falling to pieces. 

The same can be said for our human lives. Without a strong core center of wisdom, our lives can easily crumble despite the relationships, wealth, or other material items we may have accumulated. 

Unless our achievements are aligned with wisdom, they will bring only temporary joys and can leave us disappointed in the end. For example, it might take years to achieve a successful career, only to realize that you have never really liked it.

In a largely materialistic society we often focus on external goals such as how to increase our wealth, find relationship, become successful, or how to become more physically attractive.  Although these things can to some extent bring us happiness, they likely do not equate lasting satisfaction.  To be truly happy and obtain the needed wisdom, one first must need to know how to be wise.

According to the System Outlook approach, in order to learn how to be wise, we need to eliminate the belief that things happen purely by chance.  Wisdom and the belief in life events happening at random lie at opposite spectrums. 

When we learn to be in control of our lives, we see how events in our life fall perfectly in line – just as in the stacking game.

No matter the motivation behind starting a spiritual journey – whether it be a search for understanding God, truth, or what to live for – the journey itself teaches us how to be wise and how to make the best decision at every moment and junction in our lives.

Often people confuse understanding God with personal experiences of divine presence. Our special experiences trigger our personal belief in God. However, understanding God is different. It’s a logical process of discovering the divine design of our Creation.

By the way, is it possible for any “Creator” to be illogical? No, because without logic nothing can be created but chaos. Understanding, as logical recognition and learning new things, is a basic function of human mind.

Nothing but logic makes possible to explore everything, including understanding God as divine laws imbedded in all creations. When we clearly understand these laws we know without guessing what God is, what we are, what to live for and how to stay in alignment with the laws that manage our lives.

System Outlook is a new cutting edge knowledge that unites all scientific and spiritual information into one system, which states that God is Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity and Love.

Take the first step by reading the book and learning the fundamental principles that govern universe and human perception.   Get this shortcut of embracing sacred metaphysical wisdom in the beginning of your journey. When we see life through God’s logic we don’t ask anymore what to live for, as we know what wisdom is and how to be wise.