Feb 272013

      Ambiguous questions such as “what to live for”  or wondering “what is my purpose” often arise at darker times in our lives.  Although we typically seek answers to such perplexing questions when we’re filled with pain, disappointment, or even boredom, the answers are relatable to anyone regardless of their current emotions or situation. 

      According to the System Outlook the answers to these profound questions about what to live for are surprisingly simple. In the system reality of our Universe we, as alive systems, constantly consume energy in forms of air, food, emotions, and


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Jan 072013

God vs science? Really? As logic is my passion, there is one interesting thing I noticed when it comes to discussing the truth: Often when arguing about the truth, people oppose “logical” science with all its discoveries and mind-blowing theories of creation in favor of an “illogical” God, assuming that various beliefs, spiritual scriptures, religious traditions, and God are the same thing.

I am not pro-any-religion or pro-atheist. No way. I am always pro-Truth. I love Gandhi’s words that there is no God above Truth. Actually if God is,

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Dec 022012

What is right and what is wrong? In modern life we have so many freedoms and so much information that it's getting difficult to understand what is good and what is bad, which behavior is normal and which is not.  When we are questioning how to be wise, or when we try to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, we are subconsciously trying to define the laws that govern the reality of our life.

As humans, we are evolved enough to understand that if we violate any kind of laws, including constitution, or gravity, or  the “laws of life” we will either be destroyed by the System, or we will suffer until we correct our mistakes.


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