Dec 192012


Why are these shooting tragedies becoming today’s reality? Do we lose more kids from terrorists or psychopaths’ attacks? We cannot blame anyone from overseas for taking the lives in Columbine, or Wisconsin or most recently in Connecticut, as the killers were raised in our neighborhoods by our society.

After the recent blood-chilling tragedy in elementary school there are some voices saying that it’s necessary to better control guns.

Well, we tend to see reasons of what’s happening only on the surface. But let’s be realistic, would gun control solve the problem?

No guns, no crimes? And should we also hide all the knives?

Or maybe, it’s time to look at the root cause making these tragedies in schools, colleges and theaters possible.

We can probably all agree that weapons or knives don’t kill in hands of a sane man with ethical values. They serve the purpose of protection, not murder. Guns become dangerous in the hands of sick-minded people, who are poisoned with ideas of violence and are clueless when it comes to ethics.

Some schools are beginning to look more and more like prisons with a policeman and metal detectors at their gates. Should we put the same detectors at the gates of movie theaters, malls and restaurants?

Last year when I participated in shooting drill at a local school, I thought what kind of freedoms do we fight for if we cannot safely send children to their school anymore? If we have the freedom to have guns, then we have to balance this freedom with a high awareness that killing is bad and inadmissible in any form.

But what’s going on in reality? We have separated public education from religion. There were good reasons for that, but the same time, kids are no longer introduced to ideas of ethics and the sacredness of life. Many of them have never heard the basic commandment “don’t kill,” as many have never been in the church with their parents.

Instead, the actual reality that they live in is the reality of computer games and television.

Do you know that according to System Outlook all information that we receive through our lives we keep in our memory?  As we all have different information in our memory, we see the world quite differently. For centuries religions taught people basic ethical values about what is right and what is wrong, for instance, killing, or stealing. These days even many “educated” people are often not told those things.

Now, imagine the young adult who has spent most of his life watching thrillers  and playing computer games. What are thrillers, horror movies and typical computer games about?

The answer: Killing and violence.

What happens if a child has been living in a violent virtual environment for years killing hundreds of virtual people on a monitor for several hours a day?

The process of killing becomes natural and automatic. The idea of the sacredness of each life or the commandment not to kill becomes irrelevant and too abstract in contrast to this “fun of killing.”

What message does the player get when winning these types of games?

Kill more to feel better about yourself.

Whatever we hear or watch our mind associates with whoever and whatever is on the screen. It’s simply the way we understand reality and relate to other people’s words and behavior.

For instance, small kids love to dress up and play fireman, doctor, princess or batman. Mentally ill people live in their own perception and for years are  stuck in role of a pharaoh or Napoleon.

As for normal ordinary people: of course they don’t pretend to be kings or Batman, however they associate themselves with their wealth, or credentials, successes or failures. And then their subconscious reinforces their self-perception with repetitive actions.

Guess what kind of self-image a person whose memory and imagination are saturated with games of destroying, killing and dominating others would be like.

It might be something like a merciless powerful avatar, or monstrous super-hero, or something else. Then, when drugs multiply the power of sick self-images; people lose the sense of what is real and what is not. All around them life becomes nothing more than a new level of another game. And they continue to perform their habitual actions of killing, but this time the victims are alive, not computer animated.

And now just simply have common sense: millions of people, not to mention the millions of students that are addicted to games from a very young age. Often the gaming reality becomes the only one they know and want to live in, because it doesn’t hurt, it has rules, and it allows a person to win and feel powerful.

Add to this, drugs that are everywhere now, in every town and every high school. Not to mention the blurry ethical standards that barely define what is right and what is wrong.

Overseas terrorists can take a break. America successfully grows its own domestic line of killer-psychopaths. 

It’s time to think – not on the surface but deeper, considering how “innocent” fun and entertainment affect emotions and mental stability of the whole society.

Do you know where the difference is between those who enjoy any kind of insane violence from a movie screen and those who actually commit insane crimes in life?

Emotionally there is not much difference if you enjoy another’s death even if you don’t physically kill anyone.

The mental health of one person or the whole society is not rotting immediately, but when it is already damaged it’s much more difficult to revitalize it into a healthy state. It’s easier and best to take care from the very beginning.