Jan 202013

Seeking for God? People who are satisfied with everything don’t seek. Only those who have a thirst for understanding, who have need for greater harmony, and who have more questions than answers about the meaning of life, love, and happiness will never stop seeking for God and Truth..

Sooner or later the door will open for those who knock. That is the law of duality, where every question must have an answer.

We live in a unique era of overabundance of information, freedom and lack of a holistic vision of the world. It’s not clear what is right and what is wrong, what to look for and what to live for. Scientific outlook, in spite of its objectivity, does not address issues regarding simple human happiness.

A spiritual worldview, in an attempt to comprehend our reality through certain religious or esoteric doctrines, often negates everything that does not fit into those doctrines. Thus seekers of truth are pushed back into a realm of informational chaos and physical pleasures.

Have you ever experienced fear, loneliness, or despair? If you have, then you know from your own experience what it feels like when your soul is suffering. You are not alone.

Every day hundreds of millions of people, all around the world, have to deal with depression, divorce, suicide, and all kind of addictions – from computers to heavy drugs. Unfortunately, this has become natural for human society.

Why does this happen? First and foremost, it is because we have lost God as the fulcrum, the center, which defines the meaning of human life.

People not have true internal stability without understanding what they live for. Is it easy to live in an unstable and meaningless world? For many people it is so unbearable that the rejection of life becomes the only possible solution for them.

A great Russian poet once said, “I want to reach the core essence of everything.”

System Outlook is the key to understanding the essence of our life namely: truth, love, the logic of our feelings, how our perception works, and our purposes.

System Outlook is neither an abstract philosophical theory nor an intellectual puzzle. It is the basis for a practical understanding of how to live our lives without blindness, but consciously

harmonizing our inner and outer worlds. System Outlook is a new concept organically integrating a scientific world view with the essence of spiritual and religious teachings.

System Outlook is non-controversial in the sense that it includes everything that you already know or will know in the future.

On one hand, System Outlook is based on four neutral terms: Logic, Energy, Systems, and Information. On the other hand, it uses the theoretical foundations and principles of systems information technology commonly used in the computer world.

System Outlook is the approach of logical understanding and integration of everything into one harmonious whole.

Is it possible to combine logic and feelings? Yes. And that's how it all begins when our jorney of seeking for God finally starts reveal us spiritual mysteries about who we really are.