About Elena Iam


Elena Forsait/Iam (Елена Форсайт/Айм) was born and raised in Russia. When she was a teenager, her interest in classical literature began to fuel fascination with “big questions” about the meaning of life, the validity of God and Truth, the nature of perception and controversial beliefs.

Upon graduating from Russian State Humanitarian University in 1990, Elena received an interdisciplinary degree in the theoretical field of informational systems that gave Elena a unique systemic vision of reality and human perception.

At that time, she began to apply system methods to comparative analysis of various philosophical concepts, religious doctrines, psychological theories and metaphysical teachings.

It soon became clear to her that system methodology could be a very powerful and flexible tool, especially when combined with methods borrowed from cognitive and semantic disciplines

Since “systems” and “information” were naturally universal notions, and system approach was a cornerstone of all scientific methods, it seemed logically permissible to use systemic framework to investigate complex universal philosophical concepts like “god”, “truth” or “the meaning of life” on a possibility of discovering such scientifically based platform that would allow conceptual unification of contradictory ideas including scientific and religious views.

If those presumptions were valid, then a successful extracting of universal systemic characteristics from hypothetically maximal to minimal systems could yield the discovery of a single all-inclusive platform based on initial principles generating systems and information. Such platform could serve as a legitimate framework for dealing with problems of informational fragmentation and controversy.

Elena saw huge potential of these logically grounded ideas. So, “system” endeavor has become her lifelong project, passion and hobby free from deadlines and any other restrictions: dogmatic views of religious, scientific or social nature, as well as popular opinions of “impossibility” of finding a solution for such type of a “grandiose” problem.

For many years, first in Russia and later in the United States, Elena dedicated most of her free time to self-education about anything that could shed more light on this topic.

By 2008, Elena’s research had crystallized into a complete system-informational concept with theoretical and mathematical descriptions that far surpassed Elena’s expectations with its logical consistency.

By the end of 2012, Elena published a book on this subject in Russian and English. A title of the book was “System Outlook. The New Original World View Based on a system-Informational Approach. Description of a Concept.”

Over the next years System Outlook has been through several revisions and refinements. Today, Elena views her first book as a preliminary draft for future academic interdisciplinary research she plans to accomplish in the near future.

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