Jul 222013

Do Christianity beliefs differ from Christ? Have you ever thought how is it possible to have thousands of Christian beliefs that claim to be truthful and yet only one Christ? Does it mean that Christ and Christianity are different things?

A couple of days ago I met one minister, very nice person, and we had an interesting talk about a serious problem for many congregations today: people doubt their beliefs. They cannot find logical answers for their questions and, as a result, they are leaving churches and rejecting the idea of God.

It’s understandable: for many, God as an objective entity, and religious interpretations of God have no difference. It takes some contemplation to realize that eternal laws called by diverse traditions God, or Absolute, or Light are objective by its essence. The same time all human ancient scriptures and modern teachings, which describe these laws, are just interpretations. These beautiful interpretations reflect objective universal laws from various historical stand points, however our stories of God are not the objective “God” yet. Continue reading »

Dec 252012


Do you remember the very old story about blind wise men arguing who is right? They explored different parts of an elephant, touching the elephant’s trunk, tail and massive legs and they could not stop arguing with each other about what the elephant actually was: a type of hose or pillar or rope. This story is a very famous reflection of religions that are trapped in their rigid interpretations of God and blind to seeing the whole picture.

This story is incredible, though I think that its lesson goes much deeper than showing the limits of specific religious views. It’s also about our attachment to our personal


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Dec 192012


Why are these shooting tragedies becoming today’s reality? Do we lose more kids from terrorists or psychopaths’ attacks? We cannot blame anyone from overseas for taking the lives in Columbine, or Wisconsin or most recently in Connecticut, as the killers were raised in our neighborhoods by our society.

After the recent blood-chilling tragedy in elementary school there are some voices saying that it’s necessary to better control guns.

Well, we tend to see reasons of what’s happening only on the surface. But let’s be realistic, would gun control solve the problem?

No guns, no crimes? And should we also hide all the knives?

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