Elena Iam

Elena Iam is an author of System Outlook that unites Religious and Scientific world views and offers clear non-controversial ideas on what God is, what we are and what to live for.

Elena Iam was born in Russia. Since the year 2000, she has been living in California.
Elena’s spiritual journey for the meaning of life started when she was a child as she struggled to adjust to the reality of living in a dysfunctional family. She was determined to find a way to be happy in a life that didn’t make much sense.

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Dec 112012

What is information? To understand our reality from a new vantage point of System Outlook, we first need to look at well known things from a new angle. Information is one of fundamental notions that create our reality.

We used to perceive information as knowledge, facts, data, communications, news, etc. If you look at a dictionary; you will be surprised how many definitions of information there are, and some of them are barely related to each other.


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Dec 022012

What is right and what is wrong? In modern life we have so many freedoms and so much information that it's getting difficult to understand what is good and what is bad, which behavior is normal and which is not.  When we are questioning how to be wise, or when we try to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, we are subconsciously trying to define the laws that govern the reality of our life.

As humans, we are evolved enough to understand that if we violate any kind of laws, including constitution, or gravity, or  the “laws of life” we will either be destroyed by the System, or we will suffer until we correct our mistakes.


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Oct 292012


Do you know what God is? Does the 21st century finally have an answer? Yes, and System Outlook is  a concept that offers this answer, which is based not on personal revelations or opinions, but on logic and common sense. Actually, God is Logic…

Why System Outlook can prove it?  

Because System Outlook is an informational concept that unites everything we know into one totality of system-informational Matrix. When information is logically structured, it’s easy for us to understand what is what. When chunks of information exist not in a system but in chaos, it’s very confusing.

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