What is System Outlook?


system outlook -1What is System Outlook? System Outlook is a new original system-information theory of everything that unites science and religion on the basis of a system-informational approach. System Outlook serves as a platform of religious reconciliation as it helps understanding the basic principles that underlie reality and human perception, as well as, answering the Big Questions related to God and Truth in a neutral non-controversial way. 


Today we have more than enough information on all possible subjects: microbes, planets, religious beliefs and philosophical ideas. However, we are still struggling with many whys related to the Big Questions: If God is really good then why do innocents suffer? If God exists then why can science not prove it? What is truth? And so on…


After debates that have been in the air for hundreds of years, it has become clear: we cannot approach the contradictory ideas on God, Truth, or the meaning of life from traditional perspectives, which are limited by specific knowledge systems like theology, philosophy or physical sciences.  


To really answer all the Big Questions we need to find new perspective that would allow us to unite all fragments of scientific and spiritual knowledge into one totality, one single informational system that is able to provide us with a neutral holistic vision of reality.


Today such ultimate informational system has become possible, because by 21st century society developed such new scientific disciplines like system and information sciences. These disciplines brought a new way of looking at anything we know as systems and information.


The moment we apply this vantage point to such grandiose ideas like God, Truth, or universe, we start seeing them as neutral informational systems, which are govern by system laws, as well as, everything in our world including human perception and behavior.


System Outlook describes any process of our inner and outer worlds using only these four neutral notions: energy, systems, information and mathematical logic. It views our world as a System Matrix that is ruled by Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity, which distributes energy between systems, and which, at the level of feelings, we perceive as love.


From this perspective System Outlook harmoniously unites scientific and religious world views. It offers precise, non-controversial ideas on the essence of God, truth, soul, meaning of life, love, feelings, and so on.


System Outlook helps reconnect with God through a deep understanding of how the Law of Unity operates and how Logic defines our perception, feelings and personal reality.


This new cutting-edge concept reveals ancient metaphysical principles and sacred spiritual knowledge in a modern form of System Outlook that appeals to our common sense and ability to understand, which is embedded in every alive creature.


System Outlook reflects the new system-informational reality of our planet.


Has humankind ever been united as tightly as today by various systems: international, informational, economical, financial, ecological, etc? No.

Now it’s the first time in the history when people from different parts of the Earth experience unity on multiple levels: from political connections between countries to personal connections through social networking sites like Facebook. Such unity would be impossible without the unbelievably high development of science and technology.


Today, the whole society stands on the threshold of a qualitatively new stage of development and world order. We move from the world of technological miracles to natural miracles that can be created by our mind.


Every transition to a new level causes a system to go through a critical period of crises when re-balancing itself by purging old beliefs and various elements that are not in alignment with the new reality and new goals.


Many spiritual scriptures relate times when the system of humankind has been ready for a new leap in development and faced turmoil of self-rebalancing associated with the age of apocalypses.


From this prospective, the system of modern humankind is very unbalanced.


On the physical level, the most progressive countries have nearly reached the peak of technological and scientific development. At the same time, when it comes to inner development or ethical norms, people haven’t become more mature.


It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that humankind is in the process of degradation into a society of passive consumers of food and entertainment.


Why does this happen?


The problem is that besides comfort and fun, informational overabundance, freedoms and unlimited choices cause a lot of uncertainty, confusion and stress.


Subconsciously people have to constantly hesitate, wondering: What to choose? What is right and what is wrong? What’s actually good and what’s not? Hesitation causes the perpetuating leak of energy out of our body system. Isn’t it an interesting paradox: today millions of people don’t know what the hard physical work is, but somehow they feel exhausted from the beginning of the day: boosting themselves with coffee and antidepressants?


According to System Outlook, inner stability, clarity, and balance are vital for humans as psycho-biological systems.

Did you notice that uncertainty is never pleasant and causes stress?  To proactively deal with uncertainty, the human mind must be capable of explaining and embracing new information and experiences through the prism of beliefs of how things should be and what is right and what is wrong.


For thousands of years, religions provided people with a structure of beliefs defining human values and the order of life. Today we have lost God, and with that loss, the understanding of the laws of our reality and how to live happily in this reality with what is.


We practice positive thinking, but when life has no sense, positive thinking does not work. When we lack understanding and clarity, we feel lost and overwhelmed.


The lack of understanding and clarity can make life so unbearable that many commit suicide, suffer from depression, indulge in drugs, or hide in other addictions.


The cure for any disease in the human body, or in business, or a relationship, or a society, starts with understanding the reasons behind any trouble. According to System Outlook, the initial cause of any severe problem is a deep disconnection with God as the logic of life. It’s the reason why life looks illogical and has no sense for people when they feel lost.


Today people often lose God, because they cannot logically connect various religious interpretations of God with the school knowledge that was, for years, given to them. However spiritual and religious interpretations can be harmoniously incorporated into our world view the moment we see behind them the beautiful descriptions of the same universal laws that govern human perception and reality.


If to summarize thousands of spiritual experiences and knowledge of various religious doctrines, we will get the same message of unity, love and necessity of living within divine laws in order to be in harmony with all.


 system outlook -1

This is a model of System Matrix, which, according to System Outlook, is the reality where we live. Have you ever thought that we live in a universe where there is nothing but energy, systems, information, and logic? These four notions are enough to describe any process of our inner and outer worlds. This is the universal model of any system: from the system of a galaxy that contains myriads of elements, to a system of marriage that contains only two elements, a husband and wife.


As you can see, all these elements are connected to each other through the center, which is the Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity, even though in life we believe that our only connections exist through communication and physical interactions. It's an illusion. It takes time for us to notice that all our communication and interactions are based on logical reactions and understanding each other. If you doubt it, just ask yourself: would your life be possible if logic was taken out of it? Would you be able to talk? Or to understand others or your surroundings? No. The lack of logic means chaos or death for any system.


What is the logic of a road system? It's the traffic law. What would happen if people abolished it? Would they have freedom? Of course not. It's evident, at least here, that it's crucial to obey the law in order for millions of people to reach their everyday destinations: homes, jobs, hospitals…  


However, when marriages are in trouble or collapse, it does not usually occur to people that harmonious relationships consist of logic and have their own laws as well. When people are ignorant of these laws, how long would be their love journey? 


Look around at how perfectly the Law of Unity works in nature. Look at your body: Absolute Logic unites all its cells into one magnificent psycho-biological machine with incredible functions and abilities.


We are also cells of the body of Humanity, though we prefer a delusion of independence to camouflage our selfishness.


When we have spiritual experiences, we often tap into the amazing feeling of unity with the world. On the deepest level of our consciousness, we suddenly come to the realization that we are all one, and the Truth is in harmony, love, and unity with everything and everyone. We are given this truth the moment we open our souls and ask for it.


System Outlook confirms this intuitive knowledge of Truth at the level of a clear logical system when we see the whole universe as one informational totality. What do we need most in time of trouble? What do we need most now to help our world to go through so many crises? We need wisdom.


We need wisdom to understand how universal principles affect our physical reality, our feelings, and our relationships, as well as how these principles define what is right and what is wrong. Today, it is more important than ever before. It provides us with a structure, or map, for life. When we have a map, we cannot be lost ever again.


System Outlook is this map to our inner and outer worlds. It helps us unite all existing information and beliefs in a harmonious order without making anyone wrong. It appeals to our common sense, explaining the logic of love and suffering, the logic of our perception and beliefs, and showing us a way to conscious creation of our life and happiness.